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Villa prices start at around 2 million euros on the Western side of Pointe Milou. (Photo: Pierre Carreau)

Nestled between Marigot bay on one side and Lorient bay on the other, Pointe Milou is one of St. Barth’s prime residential areas. Its dramatic setting, recalling the Cliffside dwellings in Greece, have homes perched on rocky promontories overlooking the ocean to the east. To the West, the panoramic sea views over Lorient, St. Jean and the surrounding islands have made this prime investment real estate ever since the subdevelopment was built up in the 1970’s. A lion’s share of villas in this neighborhood are rental properties that attract visitors in search of privacy, a spectacular view and some of the island’s most coveted properties. The Christopher hotel, located at the base of the sub development, anchors the Point Milou neighborhood at the base of the hill and was recently renovated. It attracts an international clientele and is classified as a mid-priced hotel. The neighborhood is also the home of the legend-making Ti St-Barth tavern, a restaurant that serves both food and music in ample supply, and a real star magnet. First prices to buy into this neighborhood start at around 2 millions euros for a 2-bedroom villa overlooking the ocean.

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